Cancer walk

I recently went to a cancer walk with my mom who is a survivor. It was a great event with lots of positive vibes.

There were booths, pink balloons, ribbons, music and just a feeling of life and happiness in the air.

I love spending time with my mom and going to these events with her. It is a special time and we’ve done it together for years.

This year was different. My brothers girlfriend decided to tag along. Don’t get me wrong, I like her. I have no problem with her.

It just felt she was intruding on my mom and myself special activity that we’ve always done together.

I missed that. Spending time with my mom just the two of us.

Lately it feels like I’m bring upsursed by women who aren’t even related.

I don’t get much time with my mom by myself, now I feel like a toddler competing for attention.

Can I not just have this one event?this one special day?

As a writer, my emotions and feelings are heightened. Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe I should embrace this change.

Still, where where they when Mom was sick?did they bring her socks? Hug her? Comfort her?

My thoughts and emotions are conflicted. I would like to have a sister in my life, but not have one take over my family.

At lea


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