Why Poetry?

Today I write about my preferred genre, poetry. Why poetry?

It speaks to me,m like a whisper in the wind. It fills my soul. It let’s me express things unsaid, express feelings I couldn’t express otherwise.

Yes it’s true any genre of writing will allow you to do so, but poetry has a special place for me.

It is my first forTay into creatIve writing, my first go around in sharing my talent and time.

I started writing poetry in high school. I was going through a tough time, and didn’t really have anyone to talk to. Poetry gave me an outlet. Not only that, but I found a passion for something. The written and spoken word called me. I found myself taking a notebook wherever I would go. Writing snippets, observations, anything really, even pieces of songs.

A friend of mine entered one of my poems into a contest, and it won! The feeling of  others understanding my work and enjoyed it inspired me to keep going. I took a poetry class.

I continued writing, submitting, and writing. I moved on to other genres, I did an autobiography for nanowrimo.  I ventured into fantasy, another love of mine. But poetry he’d somet u in g for me, and it will always 6a place in. My writing and heart. What speaks to you?  Art, painting, music, crafts? Let me know in the comments





4 thoughts on “Why Poetry?

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  2. Why Poetry? It’s a very good question. You say it lets you express things you can’t express in any other way. I think you’re absolutely right. I think it’s to do with distilling the most intense essence of an experience, which is something that can’t be done through prose. Thank you for the reflection. It sent me looking for my poetry books.


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