56% of people will dress up for Halloween, what character would you be?

According to Halloween customes.com 56% of people will dress up for Halloween this year. What are some of your favorite characters to dress up as?

Since it is Halloween time, and I love see people’s unique take on my characters, I am having a little fun.

Dress up as any character from my series Dream Walker Land of Mystica Series, and send me your photo to facebook http://www.facebook.com/dreamwalkerseries or by messenger if you want to be private, and you will be entered to win a free autographed book.

You can choose to be Miranda, the dream walker, my personal favorite of course. Ichra, or one of ice people, or one of the six wizards.

Check out the bios on my website for more information: https://mlmurraymurray.wixsite.com/mirandasdreams

Have fun and lets see those costumes!

Here’s a photo for some inspiration.


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