Twelve days of Christmas dream walker style

On the first day of Christmas the dream walker found a book store called Rainbows and Dreams.

Rainbows and Dreams had all kinds of spells and potions from helping to study to love to mediation.

If you had strange dreams night after night, where would you go?

Would you be willing to try anything?

What kind of book or spell would you look for Rainbows and Dreams?

Tell me in the comments

Stay tuned for more twelve days of Christmas dream walker style.



Birthday Bash – Fantasy

Books Glorious Books

Magic of Books Promotions hosted its first tour during the month of November three years ago.

The company was created from the passion and desire of its owner, Tami Adams, because of her experiences as an author. From her struggles to have her books viewed and appreciated she knew there had to be another way.

Three years later Tami no longer writes but is determined to show the world the magic that lies within the pages of all books.

The following authors are helping Magic of Books to celebrate its birthday. Enjoy.

Message from Tami:

The last three years have been an incredible journey. I’ve made so many friends who began as bloggers, readers, and authors. I have been privileged to present and showcase new and old books from seasoned and new authors. I’ve learned so much I didn’t even realize I should know prior to getting into this business…

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Why Poetry?

Today I write about my preferred genre, poetry. Why poetry?

It speaks to me,m like a whisper in the wind. It fills my soul. It let’s me express things unsaid, express feelings I couldn’t express otherwise.

Yes it’s true any genre of writing will allow you to do so, but poetry has a special place for me.

It is my first forTay into creatIve writing, my first go around in sharing my talent and time.

I started writing poetry in high school. I was going through a tough time, and didn’t really have anyone to talk to. Poetry gave me an outlet. Not only that, but I found a passion for something. The written and spoken word called me. I found myself taking a notebook wherever I would go. Writing snippets, observations, anything really, even pieces of songs.

A friend of mine entered one of my poems into a contest, and it won! The feeling of  others understanding my work and enjoyed it inspired me to keep going. I took a poetry class.

I continued writing, submitting, and writing. I moved on to other genres, I did an autobiography for nanowrimo.  I ventured into fantasy, another love of mine. But poetry he’d somet u in g for me, and it will always 6a place in. My writing and heart. What speaks to you?  Art, painting, music, crafts? Let me know in the comments




Cancer walk

I recently went to a cancer walk with my mom who is a survivor. It was a great event with lots of positive vibes.

There were booths, pink balloons, ribbons, music and just a feeling of life and happiness in the air.

I love spending time with my mom and going to these events with her. It is a special time and we’ve done it together for years.

This year was different. My brothers girlfriend decided to tag along. Don’t get me wrong, I like her. I have no problem with her.

It just felt she was intruding on my mom and myself special activity that we’ve always done together.

I missed that. Spending time with my mom just the two of us.

Lately it feels like I’m bring upsursed by women who aren’t even related.

I don’t get much time with my mom by myself, now I feel like a toddler competing for attention.

Can I not just have this one event?this one special day?

As a writer, my emotions and feelings are heightened. Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe I should embrace this change.

Still, where where they when Mom was sick?did they bring her socks? Hug her? Comfort her?

My thoughts and emotions are conflicted. I would like to have a sister in my life, but not have one take over my family.

At lea