30 % of all e-books are self-published. What goes into self-publishing?

Hello, and welcome to the blog of a self-published author. Today I would like to discuss what exactly that means and entails. I think a lot of people don’t realize the amount of time, work, and effort that goes into self-publishing, needless to say the anxiety of having your work out there in the public domain for everyone to see. But hey, that was the point of self-publishing right?

Writing the book – First the book needs to be written. An idea comes. For me, my story was inspired by dreams and mist. I was wondering if you could travel to another world. In that world, you would have dreams that led you to your destiny. My character’s destiny is to free the white wizards from their stone prisons. How did the wizards get trapped in stones? This is one of the questions I needed to answer. I am a bit old-fashioned so I start with a hand-written outline, and then handwrite the story with good old pen and paper. As I type the hand-written story up, I embellish and make any necessary changes.

Edit the book – The next step is editing. It is always suggested that an author gets someone else (a co-worker, friend, a fellow author) to assist in this process. I had my son look over my book. I also hired a professional editor.

Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite – At this point, I go back and fix any mistakes with grammar, storyline, or things that just don’t “flow” right.

Format the book– The book needs to be formatted to the size that many self-publishing companies desire, including Amazon.

Get a book cover– This was actually one of my favorite aspects of writing the book. I worked with a great graphic artist for a cover of my book. I love how the cover gets the feel of the mist, and of course my main character Miranda. I feel that in draws you in, and the it is just beautiful to look at. Plus, if you look carefully you can find the symbols for all six wizards depicted on the cover.

Market the book – I worked with book bloggers, book reviewers, and my fellow writing community to help get the word out about my book. I also visited the Boys and Girls Club and the Girl Scouts. I did a writing presentation along with bringing copies of my book. I was also very blessed to have support from a local book store in my area. I entered an online library program and was able to get my book into the local library in my area on the e-book site of the library. This is the most tricky part and I am still learning, and navigating my way with this.

Keep up– This is an area where I have been a little lackluster. On average, a self-published author sells 250 copies, and 90% sell less than 100 copies. Last I checked, I was at the 200 count. These statistics are from this online article:

As you can see or read, self-publishing is a lot of work, but I have had a lot of fun with it. I met some really cool people, sold some books, and gained a world of knowledge I did not have before.

If you would like to check out my book series here is the website: https://mlmurraymurray.wixsite.com/mirandasdreams

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment or contact me with any questions.


Dream Walker Land of Mystica Series A to Z I

Today we tackle the letter I.

I is for the Ice Caves. The Ice caves are a beautiful and mysterious place.

I is for Ichra. Ichra is an Ice Person. You can read about his adventure in Ichra’s Quest, a land of Mystica short story available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

I is for Icicle, Ichra’s animal friend. Find out how they find each other!

I is for I love hearing from my fans, bloggers, reviewers, and cosplayers. Send me a note, question, or anything on your mind!

I is for invention. I came up with the land of Mystica based on mists and dreams. The original idea was to have the wizards playing second fiddle to my Dream Walker. I hope I succeeded!

I is for idea. I loved creating Dream Walker, and hope you enjoy it too!

Next is the letter J stay tuned!


Dream Walker Land of Mystica Series A to Z E

We continue our A to Z for Dream Walker Land of Mystica Series with the letter E

E is for E book all three books, plus my short story Ichra’s Quest are available on Ebook format. Did you know you do not need a kindle to read e-books? You only need the app, which is free to download.

E is for everyone, as everyone will enjoy this fun series.

E is for enjoy, as I hope you enjoy my work.

E is for effort, as I put a lot of time and effort into this series.

E is for encouragement, as I encourage you to check this series out and spread the word.

E is for engagement. Send me your thoughts, reviews, art work, I’d love to see them!

What other words can you think of that start with E?


Stay tuned for the rest of the letters …

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month!

I love poetry, it is one of my first loves.

In honor of National Poetry Month, if you comment with your favorite poem/poet you will be entered to win a paperback of my first book in my series The Dream Walker Land of Mystica Series.

In the meantime, here is a poem for you to enjoy

The Light House written by Michelle Murray

This poem is copyrighted and cannot be shared or reused without author permission

The Light House

Waves crash and splash

Crests of white

Falling into the

Blue sea



Sprays of water all around

Nothing for the eye to see

Expect for

Blue and white

White and blue

Sea and sky

Sky and sea

Ocean swells

Wave after wave

Tide after tide

Then it comes

A light shines

A radiant beam

It seem surreal

A dream

it calls



The way

To land and safety.




When I was younger, I worked at a local theme park for three summers. I had a lot of fun, made a lot of money. Still, I didn’t realize the benefits of working there.

I didn’t fully appreciate the opportunity afforded me. To me it was just a summer job to pay for school (which I never finished but that is another story)

I met so many people, young old, people from other countries and I didn’t realize this opportunity would probably never happen again. I met my sons father there (that didn’t work out so well again another story)

I heard people’s stories love losses, friendships gained, first time on a roller coaster.

it was a fun vibrant place to work. Grant it, on the hot aND crowded days some guests could get ornery. Tickets was one place they were usually crankiest. They always wanted coupon or discounts. Little did they know we had to count all those little discount tickets at the end of the night. One time there was a tornado warning, the power went out, and they shut down the park (which they rarely do) and people wanted to buy ttickets to get in! What you have to remember is some of those people drove a long way. It might have been their only getaway. Of course sitting in the dark huddled unerneath what shelter we could find, we didn’t think of this. We were thinking you idiots there’s a tornado!

When people asked us if we worked there we used to laugh (not at them after they left of course) no I just dress in this funny custome and have a name tag because …

it was a game we had a list of dumb questions people asked. We thought it was funny. We didn’t think it was their first or last time in the park. Maybe they were celebrating something? No worries we didn’t actually show the list to anyone but ourselves.

we had employees night where you could ride the roller coasters without a long wait. They even had dances for us. Prizes for perfect attendance  (not hard)

But somehow in my youth and inexpensive I thought it was just a job not an opportunity an opportunity to learn, make money, make friends. To do something to make someone’s day to be a part of someones memories. We made that possible.

without us, there would have been no rides running, no shops to buy from, no tickets to buy

oh sure the park hires lots of people every summer, some come back some dont.

some eND up fired (usually attendance issues sometimes stealing) if they caught you stealing you were automatically fired

It used to be a joke we would not return. The next summer yet we did until we too didnt.

Now twenty years later I get the chance to work there again. I’m not going to squander it this time, I’m going to be like a sponge, soaking everything in. Grant it, it’s a second job not my main source of income.  But when I put on the uniform (at least those aren’t as ugly) and name tag I’m not going to treat it like that. I learned my lesson, it just took me a while.

besides, it’s. Theme park part of the job description is to have fun!

My only wish is if I had kept in contact with some of the people I met there, but there will be new people to Meet new friendships to form.

here’s to a great summer and new opportunities and attitude



Forgotten ones

Forgotten ones poem written by Michelle Murray

this poem is copyrighted and cannot be used or copied without author permission

forgotten ones

We’re the forgotten ones

the ones that are left behind

the ones who hide our pain

beneath our smiles

the ones no one sees

But everyone notices

your hair is not done

your clothes are faded

yet no one seems to care

or lend a hand

or just a listening ear

they walk by

back to their pretty lives



and thats why

we are the forgotten ones


Pray a poem written by Michelle Murray

this poem is copyrighted and cannot be used without the artists permission


when life has you at your knees


for strength

for courage

for hope to go on

take heart in the simple things

rent paid

food to eat

the sun in the sky


not for material things

but to keep trying


for a light in the dark

to lead your way

still your mind

and you fears

and just


Animated video

There is nothing like seeing your work come to life. I am working with various artists to get a short animated video done for promotion use for dream walker land of mystica series. Here is a picture of the castle and Miranda and the king that helped with the video. It is fun to see different interpretations of my characters and world come to life.