Halloween costume contest

Do you love Halloween?

Do you love dressing up?

Grab a purple cape and enter the Dream Walker Land of Mystica Series Halloween costume contest

The rules are simple.

1. Pick a character. There are wizards, ice people, plains people, and of course Miranda herself our dream walker

2. Dress up

Grab a robe or make one

Which will you choose? White for the light wizards or black for the dark?

Mirandas purple robe is fun, will you choose her?

Or dress up as any character from the series.

3. Post your creation. Post your picture on http://www.facebook.com/dreamwalkerseries by Halloween Oct 31st.

If you have Trouble posting send me your pictures by email or messenger.

4. Once your picture is received you will be entered into a drawing to win a special prize hand made by me!

Sorry, prizes can only be sent to people in the USA sending internationally is just way too costly.

have fun, win cool prizes

Who will you be?







Walking bear

The ice people

Or the Dream Walker herself?



Dream Walker Land of Mystica Series A to Z I

Today we tackle the letter I.

I is for the Ice Caves. The Ice caves are a beautiful and mysterious place.

I is for Ichra. Ichra is an Ice Person. You can read about his adventure in Ichra’s Quest, a land of Mystica short story available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

I is for Icicle, Ichra’s animal friend. Find out how they find each other!

I is for I love hearing from my fans, bloggers, reviewers, and cosplayers. Send me a note, question, or anything on your mind!

I is for invention. I came up with the land of Mystica based on mists and dreams. The original idea was to have the wizards playing second fiddle to my Dream Walker. I hope I succeeded!

I is for idea. I loved creating Dream Walker, and hope you enjoy it too!

Next is the letter J stay tuned!


Dream walker land of Mystica Series a to z h

H is a hard letter

H is for happy reading and writing make me happy. What makes you happy?

H is for healing. Writing can be away of healing. So can reading. It takes you away to a different place distracts you from your troubles. In some therapies they have you write letters to those who have wronged you or visa versa. I’ve never tried it personally but the idea intrigues me.

Back to the book

H is have have you passed along word about this series? Word of mouth is the best marketing. I appreciate all shares tweets and mentions.

H is hard. I’m hard at work on prequels and sequels. What were the wizards like before being trapped in stones?

It’s been commented the Dream walker cloud is like heaven. Do you think so? Why or why not?

I can’t think of any more h words in to i





Dream walker land of Mystica Series a to z g

Today we tackle the letter g

G is for girl power Miranda is an ordinary girl, until the dream magic calls her

G is for good versus evil three white wizards and three black wizards. Do you know their names?

G is for Goddess of the sun. What does her voice sounds like?

G is for God of night, he is a tricky one.

G is for game. Id love to hear your thoughts on turning this series into a game. I have had interest, so maybe someday?

G is go go comment on my posts blog send me questions comments art work anything!

G is gather your friends and family and spend a reading day together, or just spend the day

G is for group I belong many Facebook groups.

G is for get ready for further adventures in the dream walker land of Mystica Series.

I think that is all for g

Next we tackle h

Don’t forget to send me your thoughts

Dream walker land of Mystica Series a to z f

Today we tackle the letter f

F is for fun family friendly fantasy series

That’s a tongue twister! I love that my series is being enjoyed by all ages and families.

F is for follow follow me on Twitter Facebook you tube and Instagram

F is for Facebook here is my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/dreamwalkerseries

F. Is for fans. I love hearing from my fans. Send me a message! Ask me a question. Draw some art. Anything I love seeing all the different types of fan interaction so keep it up!

F is for first the first book is Dream walker land of Mystica Series volume one.

F is for fourth book that I am still working on.

F is for fairy tale as the book reads like one

F is for fellowship. I am so glad to have fellowship with fellow writers, bloggers, reviewers and Cosplayers. It has been my honor to work with. You all.

Finally done with f

What will g bring? Stay tuned