📖INTERVIEW: “Rainbows & Dreams” by Michelle Murray🌈

Evy Zen

🌈A book of poetry ranging from nature, to musings, to Native American inspiration. Poetry that inspires and takes you away to far away places.🌈

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Poetic musings inspired by the Great Spirit, Gaia, and her beautiful inhabitants… Needless to say, I’m very excited to be talking to you about your poetry book, Michelle! Other than those three elements, what else inspired Rainbows & Dreams?

My inspiration came from life experiences and various other places, including people, songs, and walks through my neighborhood, as well as thinking at lunch, sitting, reading, a song that played on the radio, or a saying that stuck with me. My inspiration comes from many places and in many forms.

That’s a lot of inspiration right there! Your book certainly is multidimensional. How did your passion for writing poetry come to be?

I started writing…

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Twelve days of Christmas dream walker style day three

On the third day of Christmas the Dream Walker found a city by the name of Mayna walking bear and a store called Rainbows and Dreams.

Mayna is the capital of Mystica. In the center is the castle mirandas dreams about. The temple of the sun is located next to the castle.

People hustle and bustle about, there ate booths to trade and market goods.

What do you imagine Mayna looks like? Send me a picture or comment